About Big Ben


The promoter / owner Big Ben accumulated over 20 years experience and success in the business of music and entertainment. He has excelled in international promotions, marketing, and events coordination.

Name Recognition

His name is particularly well known in the Toronto, Miami, and the New York Tri-State areas in North America. He is now a household name in the Caribbean, as a consequence of his hosting two showed entitled “The Big Link-Up” and “Q Exposure” on Q95fm Radio, Presently on vibes radio “The global Shake Down” and “995% of  Vibes in the City” and because the live stream of that radio station has a very large audience on the internet, his name and voice is well known to millions of listeners worldwide, many of whom have become active participants by calling live to his music shows.

Existing Opportunities

Big Ben has been able to take advantage of existing and emerging opportunities for music and entertainment services in North America and the Caribbean regions. There is increasing demand for these services at Clubs, Family parties, Weddings, Receptions, Hotels, Carnivals, Cultural Events such as Caribana and Labour Day, among many other special events.